Introduction to Smartabase's Administrator Interface

Administration Interface Overview

SERIES INFORMATION The Administration Interface series contains the following articles. Administration interface overview [this page]  Roles Groups People Daily reminders Data conflict management   Performance alert management Categories Administrator locks Team administrators SAML and LTI credentials  Groups audit  Licence audit Favourite events Default roles System messages  Page layouts SMS usage  Terms documents  Password policy management Security whitelists […]


The people tool has functions for you to manage user accounts. When you open the people tool, you’ll see a complete list of all user accounts on your Smartabase site. You can sort the people list by selecting any of the list headers. Using the collapsible sidebar, you can also filter the people list by: […]


A role is a collection of permissions that determines how people with that role will use your Smartabase site. There are two types of permissions: System permissions: these are generic permissions that are common to every Smartabase site. There are important system permissions that govern to a user’s ability to enter data, view or edit […]


Grouping is an important Smartabase function that helps you control who has access to which people’s information. Groups are created by a Smartabase administrator using the groups tool. You can search groups by their name or their description using the options in the collapsible sidebar. The groups tool allows you to group people for data […]

Daily Reminders

The daily reminders module is used to set up recurring emails, app notifications or text messages to individual people or groups. The purpose of this is to remind people to fill out event forms if they haven’t already been entered for a particular day and thus ensure new data is entered. Each daily reminder is […]

Data Conflict Management

The data conflict management tool helps you track data entry activities better, reduce the risk of data loss and improve collaboration across your teams. Data entry conflicts sometimes happen when two people have opened and edited the same record, then one saves over the other’s changes. A conflict can also happen when someone edits a […]

Performance Alert Management

As a site administrator, you can manage all performance alerts from the administrator interface. The performance alert management module gives you global visibility of alerts. You can see, adjust or remove every single performance alert that’s been set up by members of your organisation. The search features available  in the collapsible sidebar make it simple […]


The categories module is used to create the categories within which a site’s resources are organised. Each category has a single data permission associated with it, which, when assigned, means that the user may view the contents of this category in my resources (in conjunction with the Resources system permission) and upload files to this […]

Administrator Locks

Administrator locks can be created to restrict certain roles from being edited by a group administrator. HOW TO: CREATE AN ADMINISTRATOR LOCK Log in to the admin interface Select the admin locks module Select Create new Admin Lock at the top of the screen Enter a name for the lock Enter a description for the lock, […]

Team administrators

The team administrator – sometimes called a coach or group administrator – functionality provides limited access to the administration interface for people nominated by a Smartabase site administrator. This means your organisation can allow coaches or staff from specific areas to help manage the people they’re responsible for. A team administrator only has visibility of […]