Introduction to Smartabase's Administrator Interface

SAML and LTI Credentials

The SAML credentials (Security Assertion Markup Language) tool is used by Fusion Sport staff members to enter the necessary information to enable single sign-on (SSO) capability for Smartabase. Alternatively, the LTI credentials tool can be used to set up SSO. This method uses the LTI standard.  Once either method is activated, Smartabase pushes security considerations such as password policy […]

Groups Audit

You can use the groups audit tool generate a CSV file showing the group structure used on your Smartabase site along with information showing which people are coaches and/or members of each group. This can be a useful way of confirming that people are properly allocated within the site’s group structure. When viewing the CSV file in Excel, some […]

Licence Audit

You can use the licence audit tool to generate an CSV file showing which access levels (professional/coach, athlete, team administrator, site administrator, builder) apply to each user account, as well as other site audit information. Clicking the Licence Audit button will give you a preview of the audit document and allow you to download a list of all […]

Favourite events

The favourite events module is a useful tool to assign favourite event forms to a role. Event forms set as favourites appear on the home page for people with that role, as long as the role includes data permission for the event forms that you assign. Having favourite events makes it easy for people to […]

Default Roles

A default role or roles can be set up to apply to any user who creates an account via public registration on Smartabase sites that have been set up to accept public registrations (this is an option within the application specification module in the builder interface). 

System Messages

A system message can be created using the system messages module and set up to display on users’ home pages. These are typically short messages used for major announcements or encouragement, although Smartabase has the capacity to include videos, images and other media in a system message. The visibility of a particular system message can […]

Page Layouts

You can develop page layouts using the page layouts module. A page layout means that people see a customised version of the Smartabase user interface when they use their browser to access Smartabase. You can apply page layouts to groups and roles. A page layout for a group means that anyone part of that group (as a […]

SMS Usage

The SMS usage module lets administrators view and audit SMS usage information for their organisation. Opening up this tool will display a screen showing how many performance alerts, daily reminders and messages have been sent from Smartabase via SMS on a month by month basis. It is also possible to export this data as a […]

Terms Documents

The terms documents tool is used to upload and store terms of service for people to give consent to how their data is used and handled in Smartabase. Under the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) it is a requirement for Smartabase sites that deal with personal data belonging to EU residents to have […]

Restriction policies

The Restriction policies tool allows for additional granularity when choosing the access people have to edit and save forms (including event forms, profile forms, databases and related entity forms) in Smartabase. In contrast to standard roles (which permit access to entire forms), this tool can be used to enable certain people to edit individual fields […]