Introduction to Smartabase's Administrator Interface

Password policy management

Data protection and security are critical aspects of collecting and storing data for your users. As the first line of defence, password requirements should reflect the security needs of your organisation, as well as any legal requirements in place in your geographic location. Each Smartabase site is set up with a site-wide (or ‘default’) password […]

Smart save

As a site administrator, you can set up smart saves to automatically save records for selected event forms at a specified date and time. This is useful for event forms that do not rely on manual data entry and display data linked from other forms. You can set up a smart save to occur on […]

Smart flow

As a site administrator, the smart flow tool lets you choose event forms (target forms) that will automatically create new records for athletes when a different event form (a trigger form) is entered and saved. This is useful when data entered in one form is relevant to the subsequent creation of a record in another form. […]

Security whitelists

The security whitelists tool is designed to specify one or more IP addresses that are trusted within the organisation. This would most commonly be limited to networks used on site – for example, in an organisation’s office space or other venue. The purpose of whitelisting an IP for Smartabase is related to how multi-factor authentication […]

Managing object ownership

When someone creates a new data structure in the Smartabase builder environment (such as an event form, database form, profile form, related entity form or dashboard), they are assigned ownership of that object. This happens whenever a new object is created, including when an existing object gets duplicated – the person who duplicated the form […]