Analytics Connector

Analytics Connector Overview

SERIES INFORMATION The Analytics Connector series contains the following articles. Analytics connector overview [this page]  Requirements for setting up the analytics connector  Setting up and linking to your data warehouse  Using the analytics connector Fusion Sport customers who deal with big data sometimes make use of data warehouses. These warehouses store large datasets from various sources […]

Requirements for setting up the analytics connector

To use the analytics connector, it’s necessary that your organisation hosts Smartabase on a dedicated server. You’ll also need to let Fusion Sport know the destination for the data. This is the location of your data warehouse. Once we know these details we can switch on the analytics connector for your organisation. This also requires […]

Setting up and linking to your data warehouse

Setting up your data warehouse The analytics connector currently supports the following types of database engine: Microsoft SQL MySQL Amazon Redshift It is important that you choose a data warehouse that will work well in your circumstances. You can access a technical side-by-side comparison here of these data warehouses, which may help inform your decision. When […]

Using the analytics connector

Connecting event forms Linking an event form from Smartabase to your data warehouse triggers the creation of a table in your data warehouse with the same name as the event form. Upon creation, this new table includes all the question fields from the event form as column headers, but it does not include data. HOW TO: […]