Databases Overview

SERIES INFORMATION The Databases series contains the following articles. Databases overview [this page] Populating a database Referencing a database  OVERVIEW The Database series aims to fully explore the capabilities of database question type and introduce you to the process of building databases using the databases module. Database questions are a custom question that allow the user […]

Populating a Database

There are several ways in which database records can be changed or added. In the builder interface it is possible to do this by going into the databases module. All the databases currently in the system will appear with a button next to them to Add/Edit Records. After clicking on that, all the records in […]

Referencing a Database

Once a database form has been created, the database can be added to an event or profile form. This is done simply by adding the database field type to a form and selecting the required database. Note that users must have data permissions for both the event form and the database form. Likewise, for the […]