Event Form Structure and Data Entry

Event Form Structure and Data Entry Overview

SERIES INFORMATION The Event Form Structure and Data Entry series contains the following articles. Event form structure and data entry overview [this page] Event forms, questions and calculations  Manual data entry  Group data entry Importing data  Managing databases  Smartflow Smartsave  Integrations  Embedded reports and embedded charts Linked data  Related event forms OVERVIEW Understanding event form and data […]

Event forms, questions and calculations

Event forms are templates within Smartabase which capture data. An event form records data about an event, hence its name. An event form captures data in the same way that a paper time-sheet records hours of work, an exam sheet records a student’s responses to exam questions or a training program printout allows an athlete […]

Manual data entry

There are lots of different ways to enter data into Smartabase. The most common process used by an athlete, soldier, student or other non-professional user is to open a blank form, fill it out with their own information and save it. This creates a record for that form. If you need to, you can come […]

Group Data Entry

Group data entry is a means of entering a form for multiple users at the same time when logged into Smartabase on a browser. You must be a professional user to do this as it requires access to multiple users. EXAMPLE: BLOOD PRESSURE EVENT FORM IN GROUP ENTRY MODE This example of group entry mode […]

Importing Data

If you have a lot of data stored in a spreadsheet, you can use the data import process to add it into Smartabase. Data can be imported into an event, profile or database form using a CSV (comma separated value) file. CSV files store data in a tabular format with each value separated by a […]

Managing Databases

Although database forms are created by a builder, with appropriate data permissions a user can write (create and/or edit) or delete database records. These permissions are determined by the site administrator and, depending on the type of database, may not be given to all users who are able to view the database. HOW TO: ADD […]

Smart flow

Smart flow is an administrator’s tool used to create and manage smart flows, which automatically save targeted event forms when triggering event forms are saved. For example, if a vaccination event form (trigger) is entered and saved (thus creating a new vaccination record), a vaccination review record (target) is created simultaneously. A smart flow can […]

Smart Save

Smart save is an administrator’s tool that can be used to create and manage smart saves, which automatically save event forms at specific dates and times. Smart saves can be set to run weekly, monthly, annually, or on specific days. For example, if it was necessary to create a periodic summary of wellness data for […]


Fusion Sport’s integrations team looks for ways to streamline and simplify data entry into Smartabase. The team creates custom software integrations using Smartabase’s API (application programming interface), which allows a Smartabase site to receive data exported from another piece of software, such as Catapult Sports, NordBord or VX Sport. If the other software has an […]

Embedded reports and embedded charts

Event forms can have reports and charts embedded within the form, which are created by Smartabase from information contained in previously saved records. Often, an embedded report or chart will present you with information from previously saved records for the event form you are filling out, but may come from other event forms as well.  […]