Form Components

Form Components Overview

SERIES INFORMATION The Form Components series contains the following articles. Form components overview [this page] Form names Form categories Sections Questions  OVERVIEW This Form Components Series has been created to familiarise you with the process of creating of a form and using form components. This information is useful context for the process of building forms and […]

Form Names

A form is initially named when it is created, as a required step in the process of creating a new form. The form can be renamed from within the form builder using the form settings; however, this practice is discouraged. It is best practice to rename a form using the Edit Name button for the […]

Form Categories

Within the form builder you are able to select the form’s name to set its categories as well as tags, instructions, purpose and advanced properties. Categories and tags are used to categorise and sort forms within the builder interface (each module capable of building forms can be sorted by name, category or tag) and in the […]


You can add new sections to a form using the button below the question menu or from the top of the question menu when the Add Question tab is selected. Section names and instructions To provide a section title and instructions, use the Properties tab. Sections are named New Section by default. Section names are not visible anywhere outside […]


Question fields are the smallest component of a form. Each question must be contained within a section. Questions can be added using the Add Question tab on the left-hand side of the page. When a question has been added to the form and it is selected in the form builder, the Properties tab contains the […]