Statistical Functions

This function type relates to descriptive statistical analysis. Statistical functions can be used across all calculation types (regular, text, option, table, historical). The sprint testing examples below assume that the following values are entered for number fields named Sprint 1 through to Sprint 5. Sprint 1 = 4.434 Sprint 2 = 4.597 Sprint 3 = […]

Reference Functions

Reference functions are essentially look up operations, meaning that they are used to find values using a certain criterion. They can be used in all calculation types as long as the output is consistent with what the calculation type expects. For example, when using a reference type function in a numeric calculation, the result of […]

Numeric Functions

Numeric functions relate to mathematical operations. Numeric functions work across all calculations (regular, text, option, table, historical) as long as the arguments for the functions are numeric. abs: returns the absolute value of a number. ceiling: rounds a number up. floor: rounds a number down. gt: determines if the first value is greater than the […]