As an organisation that uses GymAware, you can synchronise your data directly with Smartabase. GymAware is a technology used for monitoring power and implementing velocity-based training, adopted widely across strength and conditioning settings. Integrating your GymAware data with Smartabase provides the opportunity to create customised analytics and visualisations of strength training and testing data. This […]

Oura Ring

The Oura Ring tracks key signals from your body while you sleep, delivering daily insights into the quantity and quality of your sleep. As sleep is critical to recovery, it is a cornerstone of driving performance and health. Gathering accurate sleep information will be important for both individuals and organisations to understand someone’s readiness to […]


You can integrate Omegawave with Smartabase to gain valuable insights into a person’s wellbeing in relation to cardiac, metabolic and neural readiness. Omegawave tracks daily physiological changes that can help people reach their peak performance, as well as target internal markers of fatigue to reduce injury risk. Setting up your Smartabase site to integrate with […]

VALD ForceDecks

VALD’s ForceDecks dual force plate system is used to rapidly analyse neuromuscular outputs in health and performance settings. Using data collected with ForceDecks, analysts and medical staff can assess fatigue, injury risk and rehabilitation, in addition to monitoring force and power outputs over time. This integration is specifically for the ForceDecks device. There is a […]

VALD Performance (NordBord and ForceFrame)

Fusion Sport provide an integration to enable data collected by VALD Performance systems to be aggregated into Smartabase for analysis. VALD Performance develop human measurement systems for screening, monitoring, rehabilitating and training athletes. Their devices (in particular the NordBord, ForceFrame and ForceDecks) are used widely across a range of activities, including professional sport, college sport, national teams, elite […]


TeamBuildr is a strength and conditioning software designed for teams, gyms, facilities and strength coaches. Smartabase can connect with TeamBuildr to automate the flow of key training information. Integrating your TeamBuildr data with Smartabase can provide meaningful analysis into progression, performance and other strength and conditioning insights. Setting up your Smartabase site to integrate with […]