Introduction to Smartabase's Builder Interface

Module Store

The module store is used to create or install pre-built modules of event, profile and database forms, performance standards and performance explanations. These modules can be shifted from one Smartabase application to another if they are located on the same server. This is a module only accessible to Fusion Sport staff.

Data Specification

You can use the data specification tool to view a specification for the forms (event, profile, database, related entity) on your Smartabase site. The navigation options on the left-hand side allow you to quickly reduce the amount of information you are looking at. You can use the drop-down in each section to filter for a […]

Chart Properties

The chart properties module allows a builder to set up chart property templates which can be applied to multiple forms. Once the template has been created in the chart properties module, it can be selected from each form’s advanced properties using the Chart Properties setting. Alternatively, a Fusion Sport builder can set a specific chart […]

Dashboard Builder

Use the dashboard builder module to create dashboards. Source the dashboard data from one or more event forms. Add widgets to set up simple and effective data visualisations. Each dashboard’s appearance is customisable. There are many formatting options, including a large icon library.   Roles control the visibility of dashboards created using the dashboard builder.