Site Navigation and Personalisation


When you are using Smartabase with a computer (that is, not when using a mobile application) you will generally be able to see a sidebar on each side of the screen. They are visible in areas of the site where it is possible to change which user is selected. If an athlete is logged in, […]

Page Layouts

Page layouts are customisations developed by an administrator and applied to groups of users or roles. This means that you may see one page layout when in a particular group environment but see another when using a different group. If a page layout is not set for a subgroup, the parent group’s page layout will […]

User History

The user history is one of the most useful features in Smartabase (sometimes also called the athlete history or performance history). The history shows you the entire chronological record of data entered into Smartabase for a person, according to the data permissions included in your role. The history can include future records as well as […]

Critical Information

We pointed out in our sidebar article how Jamie Anderson’s allergy information was highlighted in the right-hand sidebar below the athlete’s profile details. This is a setting implemented by the site’s builder that makes sure certain critical information is highlighted everywhere the athlete is seen on Smartabase. This setting is best used for one or […]

Status Indicators

Status indicators are coloured highlights used to show a person’s status. The information used to indicate status will differ from one Smartabase system to another. If you work within a sports team, status might be based on availability to play or train. In this case, the different statuses might be Unavailable, Available for modified training, […]

Exporting and Printing Data

There are many locations within Smartabase where specific exporting and printing functions can be made available to you by an administrator. Besides reports which are designed to be exported and/or printed, event forms, user history, user profiles, calendars and most other Smartabase tools will have a PDF or Excel button that, when clicked, will give […]