Smartabase Notifications

Smartabase Notifications Overview

SERIES INFORMATION The Notifications series contains the following articles. Smartabase notifications overview [this page]  System messages  Daily reminders Performance alerts  OVERVIEW Generally speaking, all data entered into Smartabase is collected for a reason. Smartabase’s notification functions are intended to highlight and alert users to important changes in the status of data – whether it is missing, unexpected […]

System Messages

A system message is set up by an administrator to display on the user’s home page. These are typically short messages used for major announcements or encouragement, although Smartabase has the capacity to include videos, images and other media in a system message. The visibility of a particular system message is determined by the administrator. […]

Daily Reminders

The daily reminders tool is available to administrators on the administration site and is used to set up recurring notifications for individual users or groups of users. The purpose of this is to remind users to fill out event forms if they haven’t already been entered for a particular day and thus ensure new data […]

Performance alerts

Performance alerts are instantaneous notifications from Smartabase to a member of your organisation to let them know that something relevant to them has changed in the Smartabase environment. A performance alert is triggered when someone saves an event form that has been set up with an alert condition. This feature is typically used to notify […]