Planning Tools

Planning Tools Overview

SERIES INFORMATION The Planning Tools series contains the following articles. Planning tools overview [this page]  Calendar  Related entity calendar  My schedule Preview schedule Scheduled data  Appointments  OVERVIEW Planning tools in Smartabase include interactive displays of an athlete’s day, week or month (calendar, my schedule) as well as tools that can be used to plan interactions between […]


The calendar tool allows you to view an athlete’s calendar of events by day, week or month. It is limited to viewing one user at a time; also, the calendar does not display clashes between an athlete’s events and events planned for a related entity. You can see all past records and future events of […]

Related Entity Calendar

The related entity calendar is a planning tool that displays a calendar for each entity created by the site’s builder. You can use the related entity calendar to view which events have been planned for a coach, doctor, venue or therapist, for example. You can plan events for an entity by selecting any free timeslot […]

My Schedule

The my schedule tool is a simplified version of the calendar – a day-by-day view of which events are planned for a user. The default setting for this tool is the current day’s date, so it can be a useful way of maintaining awareness of the present day’s requirements. Similar to how the calendar is […]

Preview Schedule

The preview schedule tool is a planning module which has mostly been replaced by the functionality of the related entity calendar. Preview schedule highlights any conflicts between draft events planned for related entities; these should be resolved before the events are published and released to athletes’ and entities’ calendars.  An example of conflict could include […]

Scheduled Data

Scheduling in Smartabase is carried out using the enter scheduled data tool. Scheduling forms are designed to plan interactions between users and related entities on a many-to-one basis. Enter scheduled data enables a user to schedule events for athletes using special scheduling forms which allow the inclusion of related entities. Scheduling forms are not available […]


If you need to create an appointment record for a single athlete, you can use the enter appointment tool (or the related entity calendar). Enter appointment is the counterpart planning tool to enter scheduled data.  An example of when an appointment would be entered is when a player (e.g. Jamie Anderson) needs to have a […]