Programming and Periodisation

Programming And Periodisation Overview

SERIES INFORMATION The Programming and Periodisation series contains the following articles. Programming and periodisation overview [this page]  Training blocks Yearly plans  OVERVIEW Programming and periodisation is an important concept in athlete development and management. Structured training of an athlete allows coaches to optimise performance and ensure that targets are met. The use of training blocks and […]

Training Blocks

The training blocks tool gives you the ability to arrange future records of an event form across a block of time and configure each record specifically. The purpose of this is to implement structured training easily. An important component of this tool is the ability to build training blocks that take into account volume and intensity. If […]

Yearly Plans

The yearly plan tool allows a user to plan on a yearly scale. The normal style of periodisation, or systematic planning of athletic training, is to divide the year into macrocycles, mesocycles and then microcycles. The purpose of this is to ensure that the best possible performance of the athlete is reached at the most […]