Advanced properties for sections

You can tailor sections for optimal use by setting their advanced properties carefully. There are eight advanced properties that can be set for each section in an event or profile form. Form layout: this determines which section layout displayed to the user. Any fields included in the section can have their names and instructions aligned […]

Advanced properties for fields

There are many advanced properties that can be set for a field in an event, profile, database or related entity form. The ones detailed below have been described for the purposes of making changes to an event form, but can generally be used the same way in other form types if available.  Common Advanced Properties […]

Save properties for forms

These are the saved properties that are available for a form. To access the save properties, open the form and select its  name in the builder. From the form properties section, select the Save Properties tab. To enable a save property, select the tick box next to the relevant property. Types of save buttons: Save […]

Advanced properties for forms

These are the advanced properties that are available for an entire event form. To access the form properties, select the event form name in the event form builder. From the form properties section, select the Advanced Properties tab. From version 6.8 of Smartabase, the form properties for save behaviours can be found in the Save […]

User defined property schemas

User defined property schemas can be used to set up custom properties for applications in Fusion Sport’s Human Performance Framework (HPF). This module was developed to give Smartabase builders even more configuration options when building event forms for HPF applications, such as the Smartabase Athlete and Smartabase Kiosk apps. The user defined property schemas module […]

Restriction policies for fields and sections

The restriction policies tool allows for additional granularity when choosing the access people have to edit forms (including event forms, profile forms, databases and related entity forms) in Smartabase. In contrast to standard roles (which permit access to entire forms), this tool can be used to enable certain people to edit individual fields or sections within […]