Question Types

Question Types Overview

SERIES INFORMATION The Question Types series contains the following articles. Question types overview [this page]  Numbers Text Body diagrams Simple body area diagram Duration Multi-file upload Embedded reports File upload Embedded events Image Video Time series upload External video HTML embed Time Date Options Wet signature SRM cycling power meter OVERVIEW The Question Types series introduces […]


Numeric fields allow the user to enter a number. There are four numeric question types: Number Positive number Whole number Positive whole number Using the Advanced Properties tab, number and positive number fields can be formatted to a specific number of decimal points, while the whole number and positive whole number types allow these fields to […]


Text fields allow the user to input text. They can be customised to different sizes, minimum entry lengths and other input criteria. Single line text – allows the user to input a single line of text. Alphanumeric characters and symbols can be used. Paragraph text – allows the user to input multiple lines of text. […]

Simple body area diagram

The simple body area field in Smartabase allows users to select areas from a body diagram. It works in a similar way to the body area summary field, but the areas for selection are more generalised. This is useful when recording injuries that are difficult to pinpoint to a location on the body. The available areas […]

Body diagrams

Body diagrams provide a front and back view where the user can select different body areas to highlight areas of injury, pain, massage etc. There are four different body diagram fields which you are able to choose from: Body area Body area summary OSICS injury diagram OSICS diagram with medical Each of these have slight […]


Duration fields allow the user to enter an amount of time as the question’s answer. Different time formats can be used, such as Dd:Mm:Ss (Days:Minutes:Seconds) or Mm:Ss.SSS (Minutes:Seconds.Milliseconds)

Multi-file upload

The multi-file upload field allows people to efficiently add as many files as they need to a record in Smartabase. When entering data into the form, people can drag and drop files from their computer into the form and they’ll all upload at once. Once added, the files can be previewed, replaced and removed easily. […]

Embedded reports

You can use the embedded report field type to create a mini-report within an event form. For example, you can choose to include an embedded report within a medical event form so that important medical information, such as daily wellness, can be referred to.  An embedded report can contain data from the form that it […]

File upload

In Smartabase, a user can upload an external document such as a PDF, MS Word document and MS Excel file to an event form. By adding this field type to an event form, the user is provided with an option to choose the file they wish to upload from their device or computer.   Once the file […]

Embedded events

Embedded events (available in Smartabase  6.1.00 onward) give people more flexibility to link information from different event forms together. With the embedded event field, you can build event forms that let members of your organisation add new records straight into other event forms or link already-created records from other forms.  Embedded events work like related […]