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Languages in Smartabase

A number of languages are supported when using different Smartabase applications and features. The language you’re seeing when logged into Smartabase can be updated either by an administrator via the people tool or by yourself (or a coach) via your user account page. Most sites default to the language of the organisation’s home country, but […]


This article in our Reference List series lists the Orchard Sports Injury Classification System codes used in the different body diagram fields, such as the injury diagram and body area diagram. SIMPLE BODY AREA Head / Neck Posterior Head / Neck Left Thoracic / Shoulder Right Thoracic / Shoulder Right Chest / Shoulder Left Chest / Shoulder Right Lumbar […]

Smartabase Administrator Modules

This article in our Reference List series briefly describes the purpose of each of the site administrator’s homepage tools.  Roles The core function of the roles module is to manage which system and data permissions are assigned to users. Additional functions include being able to assign system messages, page layouts, group admins and dashboards to specific […]

Smartabase system permissions

This article in our Reference List series briefly describes each system permission which may be added to a role. The first list here describes the system permissions for the tools and functionality that can be used within the Smartabase web application, desktop application or mobile applications. The second list of system permissions is specific to […]

Smartabase Builder Modules

This article in our Reference List series briefly describes each of tools available from the builder home page. Edit application theme This tools was previously used to edit the theme (e.g. the colours, logo and images) of the Smartabase application. It is now obsolete and has been replaced by better options, such as site-wide CSS and […]

Smartabase Question Types

This article in our Reference List series briefly describes each different question (field) that can be added to a form. Standard question types – text Single line text field Allows the user to input a single line of text. Alphanumeric characters and symbols can be used and the length of the text field can be adjusted. […]