Smartabase Resources

Smartabase Resources Overview

SERIES INFORMATION The Resources series contains the following articles. Smartabase resources overview [this page]  My resources  Attaching information to a form OVERVIEW Smartabase contains a central repository for resources (my resources), such as images, documents, and videos, which may be shared amongst users. Resources can be added to this central repository directly or via an event […]


The Resources tool is a central repository for all resources on a Smartabase site, such as documents, videos and images. It is organised by categories, subcategories and tags. Each resource can have descriptors (like title, owner, file type) added to it which allow you to filter search results. Some examples of common resources are training drill videos, […]

Attaching Information To A Form

There are two ways that external files, or resources, can be added to Smartabase using an event form. The first method is by attaching a file which can be stored in the my resources area. The Add Attachment button is found at the top of an event form, underneath the date and time section. The […]