Introduction to Smartabase

Introduction to Smartabase Overview

SERIES INFORMATION The Introduction to Smartabase series contains the following articles. Introduction to Smartabase Overview [this page]  Why Smartabase? What is Smartabase? How does Smartabase work? How is Smartabase structured?  Data protection and privacy OVERVIEW In this Smartabase Introductory Series for Users, we’ll discuss why systems like Smartabase exist and how Smartabase itself was developed. We’ll […]

Why Smartabase?

There is a quote from Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder, that encapsulates why systems like Smartabase are important. The most meaningful way to differentiate your company from your competitors – the best way to put distance between you and the crowd – is to do an outstanding job with information. How you gather, manage and use […]

What is Smartabase?

Smartabase was originally developed as an athlete data management system to improve performance, monitor health and optimise athlete development. Smartabase was designed to give people the ability to collect relevant data, analyse it effectively and use the resulting information to guide actions and decisions for success in the sporting and athletic world.  Profiler Corp was […]

How Does Smartabase work?

The most basic explanation of how Smartabase works is this: data in; information out; knowledge developed; decisions made. Smartabase is a tool for helping people with expertise and experience in their field make better decisions based on improved knowledge gained from information that is based on high quality data. A more detailed explanation involves understanding […]

How is Smartabase Structured?

The Smartabase platform is spread across three interfaces that people can interact with to use, manage and create Smartabase assets. Main user interface The main user interface is used to enter and view data, create and manage alerts, access dashboards and use the many features and functions that are designed for athletes, coaches, medical staff and other […]

Data Protection And Privacy

Why is data protection important? Data protection is critical in modern enterprises and it is important to understand what principles should apply when dealing with an organisation’s data. There are three aspects of data protection: Firstly, it is generally a statutory requirement that peoples’ personal information is protected and confidentiality is maintained. Secondly, business, research […]