Reporting on Smartabase Data

Reporting Overview

SERIES INFORMATION The Reporting series contains the following articles. Reporting overview [this page] Performance standards Dashboards Performance summary dashboard Personal bests Performance profiles Reports tool Excel reports Live Excel reports Power BI reports Spotfire reports OVERVIEW Reporting is a valuable outcome once data has been entered. Performance standards may be applied to help interpret reported data. […]

Performance Standards

Performance standards are designed to help make sure that all users can review progress without necessarily having to understand the data in depth. The way that this is done is by colouring the background of a variable using a consistent standard. The concept is very similar to the conditional formatting used by Microsoft Excel. Performance […]


Dashboards are highly customised, interactive reports designed to make data more accessible and visually meaningful for members of your organisation. These dashboards can be built either by a Fusion Sport representative, or by people in your organisation who have permission to set them up. Dashboards can be designed for different types of Smartabase users, including […]

Performance Summary Dashboard

The performance summary dashboard feature is one way that Smartabase can show you information about users’ performance. This feature is designed by a site’s builder to provide an overview of users’ performance across key performance areas. Each cell on a performance summary dashboard can include the following information: A value representing the most relevant metric […]

Personal Bests

The personal bests tool displays athletes’ best efforts. A professional user will be able to see any personal bests for athletes and event forms they have access to, while an athlete will be able to view their own personal bests across the event forms they have access to. The information that is available about a […]

Performance Profiles

There are two performance profiling modules available in Smartabase. One generates a group report (as a PDF) using fields that have been marked as suitable for comparison by the site’s builder; the other creates an individual report, again using event form fields that have been set up using the comparison property. The group performance profile […]

D3 Dashboards

Fusion Sport’s web development team develops D3 (data driven documents) dashboard templates, on a case-by-case basis, using JavaScript. The resulting dashboards are highly customised and interactive. Each dashboard is different, but generally they are accessed from Smartabase’s front page using either a computer or mobile phone device. Dashboards can be created by the Fusion Sport […]

Reports Tool

The reporting tool was the first reporting feature designed for Smartabase and contains Smartabase’s most basic and general-use reporting features. When you use the reports tool, you choose the event or profile form containing the data you’re interested in, then select whose data you want to see and choose any filtering options you need. The […]

Excel Reports

The Excel reports tool (sometimes called advanced reports) is another reporting tool which enables integration of Microsoft Excel functionality. To develop an Excel report, you would use the Excel reports tool to generate a template containing data from the forms you want to report on. That template can be configured in Excel to include additional […]

Live Excel Reports

A live Excel report is useful for maintaining awareness of updates on real time situations, such as daily monitoring records, testing sessions, competitions and matches or ongoing experiments.  Live Excel reports use Microsoft Excel to periodically download saved Smartabase data to an Excel file. Excel has a web connection tool that allows this to work; […]