Smartspeed Combines

Smartscan mobile RFID reader

Smartscan mobile is the compact and portable companion to our range of Smartspeed RFID products.  With this portable RFID reader, you can now scan athlete RFID bands and register athletes into a session with ease.   WHY IS SMARTSCAN MOBILE USEFUL? Its portable size and wireless capabilities make it a useful alternative to the current […]

Smartspeed Combines Overview

REGISTER YOUR INTEREST The combines feature of Smartspeed is currently in beta testing to continue to enhance our users’ experience.  Register your interest below to beta test the Smartspeed Combine feature.  First name (Required) Required Last name (Required) Required Organisation (Required) Required Email (Required) Required Phone (Optional) Register SERIES INFORMATION The Smartspeed Combines series contains the following […]

Get started

To get started with using Smartspeed for combines, you will need to do the following: Have the necessary equipment Download and install the Smartspeed app for your mobile device Create a Smartspeed account Log in to your account EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS  Your Smartspeed Pro system with fully charged timing gate batteries A computer to log in […]

Create teams for a combine

To run a combine, you’ll first need to set up your team of athletes. You can use the Smartspeed Online service to create a team and add athletes into that team. EXAMPLE: CREATING A NEW TEAM In this example, we can see the form used to set up a new team. This is where each […]

Create drills for a combine

As part of a combine, your team of athletes will complete any drills you have set up for them. To create your drills, you will need to use the Smartspeed Online service.  Smartspeed Online has a selection of pre-set drills to choose from that can be used as part of the combine. Each of the […]

Add custom data entries

You can use the combines feature to create drills with custom data for athletes. Custom data refers to information that isn’t collected using the Smartspeed timing gates, such as an athlete’s height, weight or wing span.  Once you set up your custom data using Smartspeed Online, the data can be entered manually in the Smartspeed […]

Set up a combine

If you want to, you can set up a combine from the Smartspeed app directly or you can use Smartspeed Online.  If you use Smartspeed Online to create a combine, you also have the ability to add new teams, drills, and custom data. The Smartspeed app provides a more portable solution if you are out […]

Use the registration station for a combine

The Registration Station is used to manage athletes during a combine (using the Smartspeed app). This helps you keep track of all athletes who participate in the combine. Generally, these will be the same people you added to the teams for your combine, but you can also add more athletes from within the registration feature.  […]

Run a combine

Once you’ve set up a combine with your team and drills, then registered your athletes, you can run the combine.  If needed, you’re able to enter and store athlete data in offline mode during the combine. This is useful in situations where you are out on a field and unable to connect to a stable […]

Review your combine results

After you’ve run a combine using the Smartspeed app, the results from each drill, including custom data entries, are synced to your Smartspeed Online account. Smartspeed Online can also show you a summary of each drill. EXAMPLE: AGILITY DRILL RESULTS Since two Smartspeed timing gates were used in this agility test, two results were captured […]