Smartspeed PT

System Overview

SERIES INFORMATION The Smartspeed PT series contains the following articles. System Overview [this page]  First time use Using the mobile application Smartspeed Online Trouble shooting, support and warranty  Welcome to Smartspeed PT Welcome and thank you for purchasing Smartspeed PT. This system has been designed to offer simple and accurate single lane timing. For purchasing information […]

First Time Use

Using your Smartspeed PT for the first time To get started with using Smartspeed PT, you will need the following; Your PT system A supported Apple or Android device with Bluetooth enabled and an internet connection A computer that is connected to the internet 1. DOWNLOAD THE SMARTSPEED APPLICATION Download the Smartspeed app by visiting […]

Using the Mobile Application

If you have installed the Smartspeed application on your mobile device, this article explains how to make the best use of its functionality. If you haven’t already installed the Smartspeed application or are unsure about setting up your Smartspeed PT to use alongside the mobile application, please visit our article for first time users.  THE […]

Smartspeed Online

Welcome to Smartspeed Online Smartspeed Online is a free cloud hosted service available to all Smartspeed customers. It is powered by a simplified version of our industry-leading Smartabase human performance platform. You can register as many accounts as you like. For example, when you have multiple people sharing one mobile device and wish to separate […]

Trouble Shooting, Support and Warranty

EMAIL For product support please email us on   CALL US North America: +1 312 981 8745 Europe, Middle East and Africa: +44 (0) 7958 410 449 Asia Pacific: +61 7 3123 7124   TROUBLE SHOOTING Bluetooth LED Flashes green when the unit is connectable and discoverable. To make the unit discoverable, make sure it has the […]