Tables and Matrices

Tables and Matrices Overview

SERIES INFORMATION The Tables and Matrices series contains the following articles. Tables and matrices overview [this page] Tables Matrices  OVERVIEW The series on Tables and Matrices aims to explain why a form might use a table or a matrix, introduce you to building tables, matrices and their contents and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each. […]


Tables are used to capture information where multiple values are required for a single field. Tables can only be built such that each question field is a column (row based tables are not possible in Smartabase) and all the question types available in the Add Question tab of the form builder can be used in […]


Matrices allow the builder to build a table that can treat every single cell as an individual field. In a regular table, all cells in a column have the same properties, options, calculations, etcetera, but in matrices, cells can have different question types, options, calculations, etcetera. Because each cell is treated as an individual field […]