The Administration Interface series contains the following articles.


This Administration Interface Introductory Series is for administrators (and builders!) to understand why Smartabase’s administration interface exists, how to access it and to introduce you to each of the major administration interface functions. This will give you a better understanding of what is necessary for a Smartabase site to function.

The administration interface is where the majority of a Smartabase site’s data protection and privacy considerations are implemented, so this series also tries to highlight the relationship between a) administrative functions, abilities and decisions and b) data protection and privacy.

The over-arching purpose of the administration tools is the management of user accounts and how users interact with the main interface – that is, administration of people, roles and groups.

The administration interface contains the modules (tools) necessary to connect the data capture structures (forms) created by the builder to the people who will be interacting with the main user interface. Primarily, this is done through the use of the people, roles and groups modules; other modules can be used for notification purposes, auditing, organisation of resources and optimising the site’s look and feel, but effective use of the administration interface for creating and managing people, roles and groups is essential for a site to achieve its purpose.

It is necessary for these administrative functions to be separated from day-to-day use of the main interface and so the administration interface uses a specific URL with limited access.

The URL for accessing the administration interface follows this format:

Access to the administration interface is ultimately controlled by Fusion Sport. In a normal client environment, Fusion Sport assigns administration access permissions to a number of user accounts nominated by the client organisation and these site administrators then manage the administration tools.

As a site administrator, you have the ability to assign limited administration access to other user accounts using the group administrator settings.

As an administrator, you are able to make and implement decisions that affect data protection and privacy. It is critical that you take the data protection and privacy considerations discussed here into account as an administrator.

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