You can tailor sections for optimal use by setting their advanced properties carefully. There are eight advanced properties that can be set for each section in an event or profile form.
An example screenshot showing the advanced properties for a section

  • Form layout: this determines which section layout displayed to the user. Any fields included in the section can have their names and instructions aligned to the left or right, positioned vertically, and you can choose to have instructions can be displayed in tooltip format. If you don’t set any specific layout here, the default option will be applied, which is to position the field names horizontally with right alignment.
  • Form positioning: this allows you to position the section manually if required. The default option is automatically applied, which means the section will be positioned according to what is specified in the form’s advanced properties. The positioned option allows you to adjust the height and width of the section in pixels. We don’t recommend using this option as people use Smartabase from many different screen settings and your positioning may not perform well in all circumstances. 
  • Column layout: this allows you to display any questions you have in the section as columns when viewed using the Smartabase web application or desktop application. This property has no effect on forms viewed using the Smartabase mobile applications. You can specify the number of columns you want to have, from none to ten . 

Note that the number the columns will appear in the form will depend upon the number of questions included in the section. You cannot display more columns than there are questions.

  • Randomisation: you can use this setting to choose whether the user is presented with a random selection of the fields in this section. If you apply this setting, some fields will be visible to the user and some will be hidden. The fields are chosen at random so it’s likely the fields will change each time the form is completed.  
    • When randomisation is set to Yes, you’ll see an additional property called Number to select. This allows you to specify how many fields from the section should be selected at random and displayed during data entry.

    Note that you cannot choose which questions the user will see. Do not apply this setting if you want the user to see all of the questions included in the section when filling out the form. 

    • Mobile page break: you can enable this property to separate the sections in an event or profile form when viewed from the Smartabase mobile application. By default (Yes), this setting will force each section to appear on a new screen. Each screen is accessed using a Next button. You can disable this by choosing No if you want the form to continue without any separation between the sections. 
    • Group section selected: this property determines whether the section is visible by default when the form is to be filled out as a group entry. If you set this to No, the section will not be shown during group entry mode.
    • Show in PDF reports: if you set to this property to True, the section and its contents will appear in a PDF when data from this form is exported using that option.

    Note that this section property won’t override the field property called Show in PDF reports. If that property is set to False and the section property is set to True, neither the field nor any data recorded in it will appear in a PDF export.

    • Collapsible: you can enable this property when you want people to be able to collapse this section of the form when viewed from the Smartabase web application or desktop application. They can do this by clicking on the section header.

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