The application details tool (generally only visible to Fusion Sport staff) is used to edit a Smartabase site’s details, such as name, sub-domain and type. The application details tool is also used to apply site-wide theming using logo, banner and background images as well as customised CSS files.

If required by your organisation, the following features can also be enabled from the application details by an authorised Fusion Sport staff member:

Single sign-on

The application details include a setting to enable SSO, which means that people using the Smartabase site can log in via your organisation’s SSO provider instead of using their Smartabase username and password. This setting only applies to people logging into Smartabase via a web browser.

When SSO is enabled and set up, you can choose which roles that SSO should be mandatory for. You can learn more about using SSO with Smartabase here.

Multi-factor authentication

In addition to the setting that makes MFA mandatory across a Smartabase site, the application details include the MFA communication channel setting. The MFA communication channel setting is site-wide and determines which MFA code communication channel options (via authentication app, SMS or email) are available for everyone who uses the site.

The MFA communication channel setting also restricts which options can be selected when setting up MFA requirements for a role. For example, if the communication channel is set to SMS in the application details, people and roles will be restricted to the choice of SMS or Authentication App, and Email will not be shown as an option. More information about setting MFA preferences is available in our article on Smartabase roles.

Terms acceptance

If it is necessary for people to consent to specific organisational terms before using your Smartabase site, the application details include a setting that makes terms acceptance compulsory. You can learn more about how Smartabase handles consent in the article for terms documents.

Password policies

The application details include settings for the site’s default password policy. This policy will apply to everyone’s password, unless an additional password policy has been applied to their role (in which case the strictest settings from both policies will apply). The ability to set up these role-specific password policies is enabled via the Allow Other Policies setting in the application details.

Using password policies, you’re also able to choose whether to allow your athletes to use a PIN to log in to the Smartabase app. This feature is not currently applicable to the Smartabase Athlete app.

Download files

This setting in the application details will enable the download files feature for your site. This feature allows people to download all (or a custom selection of) the files contained in event form records from the reports module or history page. This includes files stored in file upload fields (single file uploads and multi-file uploads) and form attachments. The files are exported from Smartabase as a .zip file.

When the download files feature is enabled, access to it can be controlled on a role-by-role basis using the download all files system permission.

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