There are two ways that external files, or resources, can be added to Smartabase using an event form.

  1. The first method is by attaching a file which can be stored in the my resources area. The Add Attachment button is found at the top of an event form, underneath the date and time section.
  2. The second method is by uploading a file as a response to a question within a form. File upload is a question type which permits the user to upload a file that becomes part of an event form. Once a file is uploaded using this method, it won’t be available anywhere else in Smartabase except for the event form record in which it was uploaded. Attachments can become resources, file uploads cannot.


This example shows that the Add Attachment button can be used within an injury event form to upload a file, either by or on behalf of Jamie Anderson. This file would then be stored in the my resources area and could be made viewable to users who needed to see it, such as Jamie Anderson, a doctor or physiotherapist. Because it is an attachment, it can be viewed in the sidebar when Jamie Anderson is the user selected.


This screenshot shows the file upload question type used in an injury event form. In the case that an injury requires surgery or another type of intervention, the medical staff member filling out the form can choose to upload a copy of any relevant documentation, such as a surgical referral letter.

Because documentation that is relevant to the particular injury recorded in the form is likely to be unique as well as confidential, it is kept within the record rather than attached to it and accessible elsewhere.

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