The categories module is used to create the categories within which a site’s resources are organised. Each category has a single data permission associated with it, which, when assigned, means that the user may view the contents of this category in my resources (in conjunction with the Resources system permission) and upload files to this category (when the Resource Upload system permission is enabled). If the category type is set to External Videos, data permission for this category allows a user to view externally-hosted video content.

Note that categories created by an administrator have no functional relationship with form categories

  1. Log in to the admin interface
  2. Select the categories module
    1. Enter a Name for the category
    2. Specify the category Type
    3. Add any sub-categories
  3. Click Save

Any sub categories that are added when creating a category are new categories (sub categories); you cannot add existing categories as sub categories when creating a new category, nor can you create a sub category without either editing the parent category or creating a new category.