To run a combine, you’ll first need to set up your team of athletes. You can use the Smartspeed Online service to create a team and add athletes into that team.


Example screenshot of a team created in Smartspeed Online
In this example, we can see the form used to set up a new team. This is where each athlete’s details are added.

  1. Use a web browser to log in to your Smartspeed Online account.
  2. Use the Add New Team or Drill button on your front page to add a new team.
  3. Give your team a name. This is how you’ll identify which team you want to add to a combine later. For example, the name could be CombineA.
  4. Set the status of the team to active. This is what controls the visibility of your team on the Smartspeed app.
  5. Choose kilograms or pounds for mass units.
  6. Choose centimetres or inches for the height units.
  7. Add athletes to your team using the table. You can add as many athletes as you need. If you have a list of athletes in a spreadsheet already, you can use the option to paste from Excel to quickly copy the athletes into the table.
  8. Optional: enter a height, weight and RFID code for each athlete.
  9. Note that if you choose to equip your athletes with Smartspeed RFID bands, you would use Smartscan mobile to scan the bands and assign each athlete an RFID code.
  10. Save your team.

You can find more information in the Smartspeed Online service article about creating teams and RFID capability.

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