Before creating a new dashboard, you should decide which event form will provide the data that your dashboard will use. Dashboards can use data from more than one event form, but you’ll need to have one in mind to start with as a dashboard can’t be created without a data source. You’ll be able to edit the data sources later, using the Data tab. 

It’s also helpful to have a thoughtful name for your new dashboard. The people who will be viewing your dashboards need to be able to know which is which, so giving your new dashboard a concise, descriptive name is helpful. For a dashboard that explores the relationship between different daily monitoring metrics for individual elite athletes, you could use the name Athlete Monitoring Overview. If your dashboard is focused on team training data, then perhaps you could name it Team Training Information

Create a dashboard

  1. Select the dashboard builder module from the builder homepage
  2. Click the Create new Dashboard Builder button. This will bring up the new dashboard screen.
    1. Enter a name for your new dashboard (this can be changed later using the Settings tab)
    2. Choose which event form will be used as your initial data source
  3. Click Create Dashboard

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