The Databases series contains the following articles.


The Database series aims to fully explore the capabilities of database question type and introduce you to the process of building databases using the databases module.

Database questions are a custom question that allow the user to choose a record from a searchable database. The database can contain hundreds or thousands of records, which can make a database question a better alternative to option question types in some circumstances. Each record can contain associated information. With appropriate data permissions, users can use the database field to interact with the database and add, edit or delete database records.

  1. Log on to the builder interface
  2. Select the databases module
  3. Select New Database Form from the Options drop-down at the top of the page
    1. Name the database
    2. Click Save
      1. Leave the name of the section blank (delete New Section from section title)
      2. The first field you add will be the search term for the database
      3. Add the additional fields for the information you want to store with the database record.
      4. It is possible to filter the options available using one of the fields on the database form (e.g. reduce the amount of options by specifying the allergy type the user is looking for on an allergy database). To do this you need to check the Is A Group field on the question settings.
  4. Once all necessary fields have been added, click Save
  5. From the database form management options, you can now add records to this database
  6. Your database can now be referenced from an event form

A useful feature of databases is that they can be re-saved after changes are made to calculations on the database form. The Resave option is located to the right of the Add/Edit Records option with the other database form management buttons.

The database form name can be changed by selecting the Edit Name option from the database form management buttons.

Changing the name of a field or its options will result in data loss in the database. Any values would need to be added by editing the database record. If the field or options are populated into manual entry type fields in the event form (see Referencing a Database), data will not be lost from those fields.

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