The Database forms module is used to build database forms. Database forms collect and store data which can be used to fill out a database field in an event or profile form. For example, a strength database may contain hundreds of exercises, each of which can have additional information about the exercise. A food database could contain macro and micro-nutrient values for thousands of food items.

A screenshot showing an example of the database forms tool with three database forms

Database forms do not have the same range of management options as those available for event forms. It is not possible to migrate fields or options for a database form. From the database forms screen you’re able to:

  • Use the Add/Edit Records option for managing the contents of a database.
  • Change the name of a database form using the Edit Name option.
  • Delete a database form, including all database records.
  • Duplicate a database form. Creating a copy of a database form does not duplicate the database records.
  • Resave a database form to recalculate any calculations in the existing database records.

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