The Event Form Structure and Data Entry series contains the following articles.


Understanding event form and data entry processes will give you contextual knowledge about the parts of Smartabase that you will be using often. There are many ways event forms can have data entered into them and event forms often have different features depending on their purpose.

Event forms and data in Smartabase can be designed with a degree of connectivity in order to provide relevant contextual data when entering and viewing data (inForm reports and inForm charts, linked data) and to establish permanent relationships between certain events (related event forms, including injury and illness forms).

An important aspect of event form architecture and connectivity is understanding how this affects data sharing and responsibility in multi-discipline environments. For example, injury and illness forms are often complex and involve multiple specialists treating a person over a period of time. InForm reports and charts, linked data and related events are often used in this scenario because of the diverse nature of injuries and how they are treated and managed. However, this requires clear organisational policies about exactly which people can edit data, see shared data, edit shared data or combinations of these abilities. Connecting and sharing data in this scenario also means that it is important to establish responsibility for certain data or types of data.

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