Using your Smartspeed PT for the first time

To get started with using Smartspeed PT, you will need the following;

  1. Your PT system
  2. A supported Apple or Android device with Bluetooth enabled and an internet connection
  3. A computer that is connected to the internet


Download the Smartspeed app by visiting either the iOS app store if you are using an Apple device, or Google Play store for an android device. 


You must register your account before you will be able to start using your system. To register, launch the Smartspeed app on your mobile device, click Register, and complete the form. You need to be connected to the internet to do this.


If you do not have an internet connection and computer with you then you can skip this step, but it is highly recommended in order to get the proper Smartspeed experience. To create your first team list, follow the instructions in our article on using the Smartspeed Online service. If you don’t want to do this right now, we have pre-installed a default team you can use to get started.


NOTE – when you turn on a PT unit, it will start to sound a high pitched buzz. This buzzer is designed to alert you when the unit is not aligned correctly with the reflector during use. During setup you may find this very annoying! If you press any of the buttons under the unit, the buzzer will stop for 15 seconds to allow you to perform your setup functions without the buzzer sounding.

  1. Turn on only one of your timing units to start with. This will be set as your master gate. You can change this later, but it may be easier to take note that this unit is the master gate for future use without modifying the system.
  2. Check that the ID of the unit is set to 0. This means the unit will operate in master gate mode. If the unit is not set to ID 0, press and hold the ID button for 3 seconds until the 8 digit display turns on and the units makes 3 short audio beeps. Then continue to press the ID button until 0 is shown as the ID. Once the ID is correct, wait until the display stops flashing – the ID is now set.
  3. On the PT unit, press and hold the Bluetooth LED button until it starts to flash green. This means the unit is now discoverable by your mobile device and will remain in discoverable mode for 3 minutes.

a) Connecting using an Apple iOS device

On your mobile device, go to the Bluetooth settings area and you will see a device in the list starting with SS-PT. The other number in the list will correspond to the serial number of the unit, which you can see on the sticker under the unit. Click on this device to pair with the gate. If successful, the green Bluetooth LED button on the PT unit will turn to solid blue. Re-enter the Smartspeed application home page.

b) Connecting using an Android device

On your mobile device, go to the Bluetooth settings area and you will see a device in the list starting with SS-PT. The other number in the list will correspond to the serial number of the unit, which you can see on the sticker under the unit. Click on this device to pair with the gate. If successful, the green Bluetooth LED button on the PT unit will turn to solid blue. Now go into the Smartspeed mobile application home page. Click the three white bars in the top left-hand corner to enter settings. Enter Bluetooth Setup and find your Smartspeed PT unit serial number on the list. Press the blue Connect button to connect the device. Press the top left-hand corner arrow to return to the home screen.

NOTE – Once you have connected to your master gate, the device details will be saved. This means that the next time you use the application, all you need to do is turn your master gate on, and press the connect button like the one found on the home screen, and the application will attempt a connection to the master gate. Note that with this method, you do not need to make the device discoverable.


When you turn on your Smartspeed PT gates you’ll notice two values: one next to “CH” (shown in red) and one next to “ID” (shown in green).

For example:

  • Gate 1: CH: 0, ID 0
  • Gate 2: CH: 0, ID 1
  • Gate 3 :CH: 0, ID 2

Depending on your desired setup, the gates will need to be configured in certain ways. We’ve provided some examples below.

Note – Change the CH or ID value by pressing and holding the corresponding button for 3-5 seconds. You will hear a triple beep. Once that has occurred, simply press the CH or ID button to toggle through the CH or ID options.

Example 1: One test using two gates together, such as a 20m sprint
  1. Turn ALL gates to the same channel (we suggest channel 0)
  2. Make sure to have one gate on ID 0 – this is what’s called your master gate
  3. Connect your phone via Bluetooth to the gate on ID 0 (your master gate)
  4. Change your other gates ID to a unique ID
  5. You DO NOT need to connect your phone to any other gate after connecting to the master gate
Example 2: two different tests at the same time, such as 1 x 20m sprint test and 1 jump test
  1. Create two master gates – one for the sprint test, one for the jump test (we suggest using channels 1 and 4)
  2. Connect a unique smart device to the master gate of each gate
  3. Sprint test = Gate 1: Ch 1 ID 0, Gate 2:Ch 1 ID 1.
  4. Jumping Test = Gate 3: Ch 4 ID 0


When set up correctly each gate should look like this.

Tripod assembly
  1. Loosen the tripod knob and pull its legs away from the stem.
  2. Push down on the knob assembly until the supports are horizontal.
  3. Extend the tripod to your desired height. We recommend extending one segment of the tripod to its full extension.
  4. Connect the reflectors and remote data units, ensuring that the tripod neck is firmly tightened.
Attaching the timing gate
  1. Line up the tripod connection with the bayonet the top of the tripod.
  2. Press down, into the tripod, and twist the timing unit into a locked position.
  3. When ready, you may turn the unit on by pressing the power button
  4. Verify the unit turns on by viewing the power LED on the back of the unit
Aligning your timing gates
  1. Place the reflector tripod opposite the PT unit. The reflector can be up to 5 meters away from the PT timing unit.
  2. Stand behind the PT timing unit. Hold the unit with one hand and hold the tripod neck with the other hand to keep the tripod in place
  3. Turn the PT unit on by pressing its power button.
  4. Adjust the beam until the red alignment light on the back of the unit is on. This can be done by aiming the photocell and directional laser at the centre of the reflector. Once aligned, the laser will stay illuminated for an additional 5 seconds before turning off.
  5. In windy environments, ensure the unit is remains aligned when wobbling the unit slightly side to side.


  1. Press Start on the home screen and proceed to the Session Set Up screen.
  2. Choose your options and team for the session. If you haven’t created any of your own teams yet using Smartspeed Online, you can use the default team.
  3. Once you have configured your settings, press Start to start testing.
  4. When you have completed your testing, press Stop to end the session and view the results.


To turn off your PT timing units, press and hold the power button on each unit until all LEDs turn off.

We recommend that you recharge your PT units prior to every session. To charge the units, connect them to the USB charger provided. When charging the red and green charge lights under the unit will illuminate. When fully charged, only the green charge light will remain.

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