Group data entry is a means of entering a form for multiple users at the same time when logged into Smartabase on a browser. You must be a professional user to do this as it requires access to multiple users.


This example of group entry mode shows the same blood pressure event form we looked in the manual data entry article; however, we can now see that is it being entered for a group of athletes at once. The people who make up this group are the squad of fictional athletes created by Fusion Sport – the Fusion Sport All Stars. Jamie Anderson is at the top of the list as he is a member of this group. This form has been partially filled out.


There is one tool available on your home page for group entry mode, which has a button called Enter Data for Group, which automatically selects all members of the current group you are viewing. If you want to enter data for a personal group instead, you can pick a personal group at step 3.

  1. Sign in to Smartabase to view the home page
  2. Click the button called Enter Data for Group
  3. Select the required group and group members
  4. Click the Enter Event for [number] Athletes button or link
  5. Select the necessary event form
  6. Specify how many rows are needed per group member for any table questions
  7. Select the date and time you want the event form to be recorded with
  8. Enter data for the group members into the event form. Note that group entry mode enables almost the same extra functions as entering data into a table with the exception that when you click Fill Down, a pop-up box appears with options for whether you want to copy the cell contents or the contents of the entire row. When selecting the option to copy an entire row you are also able to specify which row (or rows) you want to copy and which rows you want to copy them to.
    1. If the event form is complete, click Save & Close
    2. If the event form is not complete, click Save Draft
    3. If the event form can’t be completed, click Cancel
  9. When group entry mode is exited, the reports tool will load

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