Grouping is an important Smartabase function that helps you control who has access to which people’s information. Groups are created by a Smartabase administrator using the groups tool. You can search groups by their name or their description using the options in the collapsible sidebar.

A screenshot showing an example of a fictional list of group members

The groups tool allows you to group people for data entry, notification, reporting and planning purposes. People can be grouped, for example, by sporting discipline, class, year, age, gender, or team.

A screenshot showing an example of the properties of a group.

The names, members and other properties of the groups that are used on a Smartabase site should be decided according to your organisation’s needs.

Groups can have sub-groups and parent groups. This is how the hierarchical structure discussed here is created. A group can only have one parent group but it can have as many sub-groups as necessary.

A screenshot showing an example of a list of sub-groups within a group

  1. Log in to the administration interface.
  2. Select the groups module.
  3. Select the Create New Group button from the top of the page.
  4. Name your new group.
  5. Provide a description of the group, if necessary.
  6. Save the new group.
  7. If there is a parent group, type its name into the Parent group field and Save this setting.
  8. Add the people who should have access to this group to the Coaching staff list.
  9. Add the people who should be members of this group to the Athletes list.
  10. If any sub-groups should be included within this group, add those groups to the Subgroups list.
  11. Save the group settings.