Event forms can have reports and charts embedded within the form, which are created by Smartabase from information contained in previously saved records. Often, an embedded report or chart will present you with information from previously saved records for the event form you are filling out, but may come from other event forms as well. 

Embedded reports and charts are usually included in forms so that there is less need to navigate away from a form to fill it out successfully. They are designed to reduce the likelihood of someone half filling out a form – but not completely – because they don’t have ready access to relevant or contextual data.


A screenshot showing an example with two embedded charts

These embedded charts are displayed in a form created for medical personnel. They show testing data from a musculoskeletal screening form. This information could help a doctor, physiotherapist or other health professional understand an athlete’s history prior to injury assessment, for example. Alternatively, this type of chart could be used to help medical staff understand how an athlete’s recovery from injury is proceeding. Other parts of this form (not shown) would be used to enter or view other information that might be used or collected during an appointment. 


A screenshot showing an example of an embedded report

This embedded report is shown within the context of a medical form. Its purpose is to provide the doctor or medical professional who is viewing or entering medical data for an athlete with an overview of the athlete’s recent wellness data. This is so the doctor can see how well the athlete has been feeling over the time period leading up to their appointment.

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