Numeric fields allow the user to enter a number. There are four numeric question types:

  • Number
  • Positive number
  • Whole number
  • Positive whole number

Using the Advanced Properties tab, number and positive number fields can be formatted to a specific number of decimal points, while the whole number and positive whole number types allow these fields to be restricted. All numeric fields can use a number type, such as count, measurement or estimate, a unit type, such as length, speed, time, and unit, such as centimetres, kilometres per hour or milliseconds. Values can be validated by setting minimum and maximum values. It is also possible to set the direction of the best value.

It is best practice to avoid the use of the whole number, positive number and positive whole number question types. Number fields can be formatted to work in the same way and allow for changing the format to include decimal places without needing to change the question type.

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