As a site administrator, you can manage all performance alerts from the administrator interface. The performance alert management module gives you global visibility of alerts.

You can see, adjust or remove every single performance alert that’s been set up by members of your organisation. The search features available  in the collapsible sidebar make it simple to find that one alert someone set up years ago which has been plaguing its recipients.

Individuals can still set up their own alerts, but everyone can be certain that all alerts are useful, necessary and timely.

An example screenshot from the performance alert management module

Using the performance alert management module

Using the performance alert management module is straightforward. Opening the module will show you a list of all alerts that members of your organisation have created. You can sort the list of alerts by any of the column headers – just click the column name. 

To look at an alert, select it from the list and you’ll see a screen very similar to the performance alert tool. There is one extra field visible to you, which is not visible to non-administrators. This is the Owner field, which tells you who set up the alert. If you need to (such as in the case of a coach retiring or manager transferring to another club), you can re-assign ownership of the alert to another person. This person will need to have the same group and role permissions that allowed the original owner to set up the alert. 

You can also edit any other attributes of a performance alert, such as who is being monitored or notified. Note that any changes you make here are applied as soon as you save them, but the alert’s owner will continue to be able to edit their alert and may modify or revert your changes.

If there are many alerts and you can’t easily see the one you need, you can use the search menu to filter for a specific alert. Or if you want to find all alerts associated with a particular athlete or group, you can use the collapsible search menu to see which alerts have been set up for people. When you need to know exactly which alerts have been based on a specific event form, you can search by form as well. 

The search menu lets you search for:

  • The Name of a performance alert (i.e. what the creator saved it as)
  • Message contents, which is helpful when you know all or part of the message that’s being received by someone
  • Send PDF – this is useful to find out how often PDF documents are being sent outside of your Smartabase site
  • Add to Inbox
  • Add to Activated Alerts
  • Append with Players Details
  • Owner (who created the alert)
  • The Athlete who is being monitored by an alert
  • The Group of athletes monitored by an alert
  • The Form (event form) that the alert is based upon