The performance standards module is used to build, edit and apply performance standards. Performance standards are a means of giving instant visual feedback to the user by applying different colours to data entered for numbers and options depending on what criteria is matched.

The concept of performance standards is similar to conditional formatting used by MS Excel; however, within Smartabase, a performance standard’s rule can only be specified according to a field’s own value. For example, it is not possible to have a performance standard for a field that is determined by the value of another field in the form. If this is needed, a calculation could be added to the form to generate the necessary value for the performance standard to be applied to.


A screenshot showing an example of a performance standard rule for a dropdown question

In this example, we’ve created a performance standard for a training log event form. The performance standard includes rules for the RPE field within the form, which is a drop-down question that has 10 options. We’ve set a colour for each of the 10 options. If needed, in addition to the colouring, the text box can be used to explain a bit more about each rule. 

  1. Select the performance standard module from the builder home page.
  2. Choose the option to create a new performance standard.
  3. Provide a description for your performance standard. You’ll use this to identify the performance standard in places where the user can choose which performance standard they want to view.
  4. Choose which event your performance standard is for.
    1. The Applies to setting can be used if you want your performance standard to only apply in certain cases. If you want to use this, choose an event form (the same form as above or a different form) and specify filters for when these performance standard rules are applicable. If you don’t want to use this option, leave it set to the same event form and do not set a filter.
    2. The Sex and Age filters can be used when you want the performance standard to apply to males, females or users of specific ages. If you don’t want to use these, leave them collapsed.
  5. Use the arrow icon to expand the fields within the event form that you want to specify colour rules for. 
  6. Click the colour box for each option or numeric range to choose a colour from the default colours. Alternatively, you can enter a hexadecimal code to use a custom colour.
  7. Once you’re happy with your rules, use the Save button to save your performance standard. It will be applied automatically.

If you want a performance standard to display as the user fills out an event form, you must set the advanced form property called auto-color to True.

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