Performance standards are designed to help make sure that all users can review progress without necessarily having to understand the data in depth. The way that this is done is by colouring the background of a variable using a consistent standard. The concept is very similar to the conditional formatting used by Microsoft Excel. Performance standards are developed and edited within the builder interface. Performance standards are an important feature of sidebar status indicator fields, the user history, performance summary dashboards and in reports.

When there is more than one performance standard for an event form, you can choose which standard to view using the Compare To feature located on the reports tool sidebar and in the history header menu.


This example shows a report run on a wellness form for the Fusion Sport All Stars. The variables displayed in this report have had a performance standard applied to them; the standards are visible as the background colouring of each variable. The performance standard applies colours based on the field’s current value. You will notice that many of the athletes are displaying changes in their Bench Pull results, but no change in 40m Sprint times.

If we hover over any of the variables in this report, we can see a pop-up box explaining the performance standard that is being displayed in this report. In this case, there is a performance standard called Strength which was built to be used with the strength testing form. 

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