The Planning Tools series contains the following articles.


Planning tools in Smartabase include interactive displays of an athlete’s day, week or month (calendar, my schedule) as well as tools that can be used to plan interactions between groups or individuals and related entities.

Related entities are entities that athletes sometimes need to interact with. These are entities that do not need to have data entered against them and therefore don’t exist within Smartabase in the same way as an athlete or coach does. Related entities can be people, places or equipment. For example, doctors, training venues and vehicles can be created within Smartabase by a builder as a related entity.

The result is that plans can be made which involve these entities and the individual athletes or multiple athletes, whilst maintaining the confidentiality of individual athlete data.

This second set of tools includes the related entity calendar, enter scheduled data, enter appointment and preview schedule. These tools can be used together or separately by athletes and professional staff.

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