The Question Types series contains the following articles.


The Question Types series introduces you to the standard question types, frequently used custom field types and several of the more complex but still often used custom question types. The question builder has many options for custom questions, so each individual question type is not covered here, just the major ones. Calculation question types are covered in the Calculations series. Any question types not found in this Question Types series are able to be looked up in our question field reference list.

The question builder has many options for adding different question types; however, some are much more frequently used than others and are visible in the standard question part of the question builder. This series groups the number, option and text question types (standard questions) into their own articles, then explains some commonly used question types from the custom question section of the question builder: date, time, duration, document and image. Each of these questions can be added to a form simply by selecting them from the question builder.

The final topics in this series deal with body diagram fields, HTML embed, time series upload, video and external video fields, which are also custom question types. These are also added to a form using the question builder, but require some specific procedures to be followed.

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