Once a database form has been created, the database can be added to an event or profile form. This is done simply by adding the database field type to a form and selecting the required database. Note that users must have data permissions for both the event form and the database form. Likewise, for the event form to be fully functional for mobile application users, both the event form and the database form must have their advanced properties set to enable mobile access.

  1. Log in to the builder interface.
  2. Select the event forms or profile forms tool.
  3. Open or create an event or profile form which needs a database field.
    1. Add a database question.
    2. In the Advanced Properties tab for the database question, select the database you need using the Database property.
  4. If the database has multiple fields that should populate in the event form, add the same fields after the database field. The field names and options should be exactly the same as they are in the database form.

During data entry, when a database record is selected in the event form, any fields that match those in the database record will be populated automatically.

  1. Save the event or profile form.

Before a database field is set up, you should decide how the database will be populated: either by individual entry via the builder interface or main user interface or by import through the user interface.

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