Related entities are entities that people can use to interact with when using the related entity calendar or scheduling and using appointment modules. Related entities can be people, places or equipment. Related entity forms are created for entities that do not need to have data entered against them and therefore can’t exist within Smartabase in the same way a normal user account can. The use of a related entity instead of a user account also means that the entity can interact with multiple people, which is not normally possible outside of the coach-athlete relationship. For example, doctors, training venues and vehicles can be created within Smartabase by a builder as a related entity. This allows plans to be made that involve these entities and groups or individuals.

Related entities must be created in order to be referenced by an appointment or scheduling form. Related entities are created using the related entities module, which allows a builder to set up related entity forms that store records of related entities in much the same way that a database form stores database records.

It can be useful for planning purposes to include an email field in a related entity form so that the entity’s calendar can be notified when it has been added to a scheduling or appointment form.

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