The related entity calendar is a planning tool that displays a calendar for each entity created by the site’s builder. You can use the related entity calendar to view which events have been planned for a coach, doctor, venue or therapist, for example. You can plan events for an entity by selecting any free timeslot on the related entity calendar and choosing the relevant appointment or scheduling form, picking an athlete, then filling out the form. Scheduling forms typically include a multi-athlete selector field, so that regardless of which athlete the form is initially entered against, a single record can be created for as many athletes as needed at once.

Appointment and scheduling have specific meanings within Smartabase’s planning environment. An appointment is an interaction between one athlete and one related entity. This is different from scheduling, which is planning that can incorporate multiple athletes at once.


This simplified example of a related entity calendar shows the coach related entity type has been selected, allowing us to specify that we’d like to view the calendar of Coach Smith. For the time period selected, we can see that Coach Smith is scheduled to be at team training several times this week as well as a team meeting. These scheduled events are also saved against the athletes in the team and will appear on each athlete’s calendar

  1. Log in to Smartabase to view your home page
  2. Select the related entity calendar tool
  3. Choose which type of entity you want to schedule an event involving (e.g. coach, venue, doctor)
  4. Choose the entity (e.g. Coach Smith, training field 3, or Doctor Jones)
  5. Select the date you want to schedule an event for
  6. Choose and click an empty timeslot on the entity’s calendar
    • In the pop-up box that appears, choose Scheduled Event as the Form Type
    • Click Select
    • Choose which schedule form you need to fill out
  7. Fill out the schedule form, remembering to use the multi-athlete selector field to add all athletes involved in the event
  8. Select Save & Publish to complete the scheduled event and return to the related entity calendar

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