A screenshot showing the form property that enables synchronisation of an event form with your data warehouse

To use the analytics connector, it’s necessary that your organisation hosts Smartabase on a dedicated server. You’ll also need to let Fusion Sport know the destination for the data. This is the location of your data warehouse.

Once we know these details we can switch on the analytics connector for your organisation. This also requires that we restart the server your Smartabase site is hosted by, which means it will be unavailable for a short period during off-peak hours. Switching on your analytics connector is something that we need to do – you won’t be able to do this step yourself, so please get in touch. 

When the analytics connector is active, you can choose which event forms to sync to your data warehouse. Each event form has a setting which enables synchronisation with your data warehouse.

Once an event form is connected to your data warehouse, you can continue to use it exactly as you did before. You can add new fields, update calculations or change other properties.

If needed, you can opt to have the analytics connector synchronise the data from past records.

To ensure the security of your data, the analytics connector uses trusted security protocols (TLS) and authentication.

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