The select box widget lets the dashboard reader make a selection from a dropdown list. The choices in the dropdown can be text, numbers or dates. The select box can be used as a filter for other widgets, similar to the date picker.

A screenshot showing an example of the select box widget

In the sidebar

A screenshot showing an example of the general properties of the date picker widget
General: use the general properties of the sidebar to add a name for your select box and adjust the widget’s appearance.

A screenshot showing an example of the instructions properties for the date picker widgetInstructions: here you can add content which will appear below the title of the widget. This can include text, images, tables, links and other common content tools.

A screenshot showing the options properties in the select box widget
Options: the dropdown choices are populated from a data source (or you can add them yourself). Often, you might populate the select box widget with text strings from the About field of an event form, allowing the user to pick a single athlete and then view data about that athlete in other widgets. Alternatively, you can use numbers or dates from another field in the event form you’re using as your data source.

You can also add filters here to limit what values are available in your select box, based on other filter widgets (date pickers and select boxes) in your dashboard.

A screenshot showing the selection settings in the select box widget
Selection settings: this section gives you access to several settings which allow you to enable multiple selections in the widget, allow for an empty selection, and set a default selection.

A screenshot showing the advanced properties in the select box widget
Advanced properties: in the advanced properties section, you can choose whether to enable search. This allows the user to type in the select box field to find the option they’re looking for.

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