Setting up your data warehouse

The analytics connector currently supports the following types of database engine:

  • Microsoft SQL
  • MySQL
  • Amazon Redshift

It is important that you choose a data warehouse that will work well in your circumstances. You can access a technical side-by-side comparison here of these data warehouses, which may help inform your decision.

When you decide to go with a specific data warehouse, make sure you choose an appropriate server instance for your use. Different instances may have different levels of performance and this affects how fast your data is transferred from Smartabase to the data warehouse.

You should also take into account any data protection requirements of your country or organisation with regard to where data can be stored or processed. 

You’ll need to provide Fusion Sport with the details of the data warehouse where you intend to store your data.

Linking your data warehouse to Smartabase

These database warehouse details should include:

  • Database engine (Microsoft SQL, MySQL or Amazon Redshift)
  • Hostname (or IP address) and port
  • Database name
  • Database credentials

It is recommended you use a secure method to communicate this information, such as:

  • Sending half of the information via encrypted email, and the other half via an alternate communication channel (e.g. text message or a phone call).
  • Using a reputable secure secret service to generate a one-time password protected link to your secret (Fusion Sport uses
  • Once we’ve received this information, we can switch on the analytics connector for your organisation.

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