The Site Navigation and Personalisation series contains the following articles.


Smartabase uses an intuitive interface for many functions common to web-based systems; however, the use of each function can be customised by the site’s administrator. You are able to log in to your account using your email or username and password. You may also be able to view and edit your account information, enter and view data, view different groups of users and set favourite events, depending on your role.

In this series, we will cover how to access and log in to a Smartabase site and how to view and edit your account details (including testing SMS notifications), We’ll also introduce and explain groups and personal groups,  how to navigate a site using the sidebar and the effect of page layouts. For each of these topics, we’ll discuss why and how a site administrator might modify users’ abilities in relation to the topic.

This topic category also covers some simple ways in which Smartabase can display information before you go to the lengths of querying and generating reports. These topics relate to viewing Smartabase data without needing to manipulate the data. These tools and settings can be valuable time-savers when used correctly.

Lastly, this Site Navigation and Personalisation Series covers some more advanced user account knowledge, including registration and creating user accounts as a group administrator.

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